Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bye Bye Holiday T.T

There goes my mid-year holiday. =.=
Well... no more long break and we will be dragged till STPM!
Hmm... this is what I do during my holidays:-

First week:-
1. Librarian duty. [Monday]
2. Extra class for 3 days. [Wednesday, Thursday, Friday]
3. Go Wan Jing house for Yue Fen's birthday. [Friday]
4. Go out with Kah Hui to buy clothes. [Sunday]

Second week:-
1. Sick =.= [Wednesday, Thursday]
2. Librarian duty. [Friday]
3. Go out with family. [Saturday]

That's all.

Since I have not posted any pictures for so long... TADA~

Meow xD

Bye bye holiday!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tagged by Kit Yee - My Daughter (~.~)

Actually there are more tagZzz to be done... but I have forgotten... so sorry for those who tagged my previously (T.T)
Since I 'tak han' now, I do the tag by Kit Yee (^.^)

001. Real name → Tung Kin Fai
002. Nickname(s)→ Jantzen, tung tung, tung tung tung tung chang!!
003. Zodiac sign → Sagittarius
005. Male or female → Male
006. Elementary → Pudu Kindergarten
007. Middle School →Methodist Boys School
008. High School → Methodist Boys Secondary School
009. College School → Erm... I am in high school =P
010. Hair color → Light black?
011. Long or short → Short (u mean hair right?)
012. Loud or Quiet → Quiet
013. Sweats or Jeans → What is sweats... sorry X.x
014. Phone or Camera → Phone
015. Health freak → Not really but rather clean
016. Drink or Smoke? → 20% drink and 0% smoke
017. Do you have a crush on someone? → Naturally... have (♥.♥)
055. Waiting for → Good luck to come

058. Want kids?→ A soccer team!
059. Want to get married? → If can.
060. Careers in mind → Psychologist, anything is fine...

068. Lips or eyes → Eyes
070. Shorter or taller? → Can shorter a bit? =D
072. Romantic or spontaneous → Let me do the romantic part ♥
073. Nice stomach or nice arms → Both
074. Sensitive or loud→ Donwan
075. Hook-up or relationship → Nothing now
076. Trouble maker or hesitant → No no no no no!

080. Lost glasses/contacts → I don't have one lol
081. Ran away from home → No way
082. Held a gun/knife for self defense → I wish... hahaha
083. Killed somebody → In my mind
084. Broken someone's heart → Hope not
085. Been arrested → No
087. Cried when someone died → I will but have not experienced before

089. Yourself → Partially
090. Miracles → I will never happen... haiz...
091. Love at first sight → Better see her heart
092. Heaven → ^^
093. Santa Claus → No present at Chrismas also
094 Tooth Fairy → I abandon all my tooth wakakakaka~
095. Kiss on the first date→ Second date cannot wait ar?

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → Yes
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → No
099. Do you believe in God → Only when I am scared xD
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 5 people.

Um... there are not exactly 100 questions though.
Anyway, I would like to tag these ppl:-

1. Lee Kah Hui (papa)
2. Tan Zhu Jun (mama [not in Lee Kah Hui's family tree, huh?]) - do you have a blog?
3. Tan Jack Syen. - let you do something hahahaha~
4. Toh Yue Fen. - update ler!!!
5. Kung Wan Jing. - a compliment as a class monitor... ahem.


It's been a LONG time since I update things here =P
Lets see... about 4 months I have been inactive in blogging... hahaha~
Hmm... in this 4 months, a lot of things happened:-

1. Parliament trip. (*.*)
2. Rat disection. (~.~)
3. Yik Lim, Wai Kien, Hui Wei, Kar Heng, Zhu Jun, Harshani, Jun Bin and Chan Weng's birthday.(^.^)
4. Mother's day (♥.♥)
5. New biology teacher, Miss Tan... and now changed back again. (@.@)
6. Choir Competition between school. (=.=)
7. Having a personal probate for librarian (^.^)
8. Kena loteri in choosing personal junior, shared with Yee Ling. (T.T)
9. Standardized Test. (o.O)
10. Mid-Year Test. (>.<)
11. Valentine's Day. ($.$)
12. Sport's day. (#.#)
13. Merentas desa. (x.X)
14. Performing choir on teacher's day. ('.')
15. And now holidaying. (O.O)

Hehe... summaries all 2gether (no need to post xD)
I think not just that... sure got some more activities one... but nvm ler~

Ok... if I got any event I will post it up.
Maybe there are in this holiday =D

HuNgEr FoR mY pOsT???
Hahaha... have a happy holiday to my fweeeeeends and myself!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Januarists & Happy Chinese New Year!

Who are these Januarists? Its my brother & sister! Their birthday is on January so I called them Januarists =P.
On 7 January 2009, we went to Kiku Zakura at Times Square for my brother's birthday.

Kiku Zakura!

The inner view.

The birthday boy & me~

The birthday boy alone... muakakaka~

My brother taught me how to eat the beans (Edamame) or else... I will chew the whole thing!

My sister's meal. Looks yummy... the dumplings~

My brother's meal. Sushi~ and actually this is a part of the whole set. Did not capture the whole set...

My meal! A lot of fried things xD. The fan thingy block away all those food =( Cannot see... beneath it got prawn tempura (although i allergic to prawn but i still eat x_X), fried potato or something like that, and many fried things~

My mother's meal. Hm... quite delicious... can see the PRAWNS there? The mee quite nice ^^

Hahaha... guess what is that.
It is not a leaf... it is wasabi... so cute hahaha...
Then... my brother put the whole wasabi into his mouth (for fun i guess) and then he split it out back =.= I wonder how he felt that moment.
On 25 January 2009, it is my sister's birthday! We go sing K~ First time sing K with family hahaha...

We go Neway at Times Square. Start at 7pm till 10pm but since no one continue, we go on till mid night =.=

Well... we had red eggs earlier~
From left, my parents, my sis, and me & my bro's drawing.
My parents drawn a... vampire i guess. My sis told me that she has drawn a seductive lady. But it looks like an aqua x.X hahaha~ Me & and brother have drawn a 'semangat man'.

Some pics with birthday girl~

The next day is Chinese New Year! Our family have dinner at home~

Fishes... both are different fish but the same cooking style. Veli the nice o~

Preparing the dishes~ Still got some more coming out~

A left view of the dishes.

A right view of the dishes.

Wow... all of us are so full.
The next day onwards, I go out with friends, visit relatives and outing with family.
Collected quite a lot of angpow... rich le =)
Well... Happy Chinese New Year
and Happy February. Is there such a day o.O

Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day of the Last Year

School reopens!
Now i am in Upper 6 Mori (U6M). Quite a change, such as the teachers and our fella' classmates. Most of our subject teachers have changed.

Class Teacher : Pn. Aida (Our former and present Biology teacher!)
Biology : Pn. Aidaaaa~
Chemistry : En. Khairul... of cuz not! Its Mr. Praga.
PA : Man... Pn. Muni... quite differ from our previous PA teacher... quite strict T.T
Maths : Still the same, Pn. Khaw... the maths expertiZzeee!
MUET : Haha... Mrs. Yap... have not enter our class yet... lets see hows 2molo o.O
LK : Not veli sure 'bout this...

Well... our school is in one session now... with some cute form 1 boyZzz... hahaha. There are 2 new students... one from Setapak High and one from other class... transfer class. Get to know that malao stop schooling from WK's blog... uh...
And one unforgetable event... the maths test. I was not prepared... so i can predict my own marks o.O
Our school end time have lengthen... and the recess time still the same. These are caused by the problem from the one session school. And... guess what... at our recess time, most of the canteen food have been grabbed... by cutieZzzz x.X

Well... i am ready for the 2nd day... and so on!
Its fun to know that we (form 6) are the eldest among all students! Call us oldies~


Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year : The Year 2008+1

Its been a long time since I have posted anything =P
But now, new year new post ^^
I celebrated New Year with my friends.
Me, Kah Hui, Kar Heng, Kit Yee, Meng Hua, Chien Ling (Cling, new name, haha xD), later on here comes Nigel and Su Loy (former friends ^^, long time no see!) and later on comes Xiao Jing! Not to forget, Eng Aun, watch movie in the same theater o.O

Haiz... i am late again... i meet my friends (Kah Hui, Kar Heng & Cling) at Hang Tuah station, yet i am the nearest =P
We went to Pavilion (walk there! tiring T.T)
Then we meet up wih Kit Yee & Meng Hua.

Kit Yee & Meng Hua brought the movie ticket oledi, but we go to have some snack first at BB! Baskin Robbins! But Chien Ling & I did not eat T.T.

Yummy~ Meng Hua, Kah Hui, Kit Yee and Kar Heng's one~ They do spare me and Cling some... hahaha~

After BB, we go watch 'Bedtime Stories'. We are late into the cinema cuz we need to buy drinks outside... very thirsty afta eating da ice-cream. The movie was quite good... humorous. And... Eng Aun sit one row below, just below of me! I noticed it until i have finished the movie, hahaha ^^ but i know u are here earlier, just do not expect to be so near =D. Then, we go for dinner at Shabu Shabu. The food was ok, Nigel and Su Loy join us here ^^. After that, here comes Xiao Jing!

The New Year-Celebraters! From left, Kit Yee, erm (soli.. dunno wat name, a schoolmate), Nigel, Su Loy aka Susu, me, Kah Hui aka Papa, Meng Hua, Kar Heng, Xiao Jing and Chien Ling aka Cling ^^
Then we go for countdown! These are the scene before the countdown. Quite crazy already X.x

Everybody was spraying foam-like thingy...

Nigel & Su Loy... the main 'force' of our group cuz they are playful. These two also responsible for spraying me, Kah Hui, Kit Yee... most of our group.
Well... while waiting for the coundown, we have been sprayed along the way. So... each of us are holding a sprayer! Even girls... dun play play ^^
Mean while, a number of singerZzz came out and sing! One of my favourite, Daniel Lee!!!! WOO-HOO... but i can't see his face though, hahaha T.T
Then, the longest 10 seconds in my life has begun...
Happy New Year!!
Without any hesitation, everybody gone crazy, even us ^^

Even nicer if u see it live!
Well... everybody are tired... and DIRTY~
My bag... my watch... my accesories... clothes.. all gone dirty... but it is fun!
New Year, New things!
Happy New Year 2009 too everyone!
Not to forget, photos & pictures grabbed from Ah Lui (Kit Yee)~

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Class Trip : Frasers Hill

Late post cuz gathering pictures + malas =.=

Our class went to Frasers Hill on 26/11/08 till 28/11/08 as a class trip as well as catching insects for our biology experiment. We went to school and gather there at 8 am. When the bus arrived, we still need to wait in the bus... cuz someone is late...

This is our bus!

And Pn. Gan is late...

After hours of bus-riding, we reached Frasers Hill!

We put our luggages outside.

We took some pictures =) Yee Ling and me.

Chan Weng and Hon Kent.

Kan Feng and Chan Weng.

The bus driver said that he can't drive the bus up the hill... then we walk up the hill with our 100kg luggages! =.= Super tiring.

Fuh... at last we reach at our appartment.

Some prove that they are really tired, haha =P. Jun Yang, Weng Sing and Chan Weng.

But then i saw a cute cat! ^^ But the plastic bag spoiled the whole thing T.T

We got two apartments there, one rented and one is Wai Kien's dunno whos one =P. We are discussing about the division of the peoples for the apartments.

After the 'meeting', we go to eat! We are walking down the streets~

On the way, i took some pictures of flowers =)

We eat at here! Hill View Restaurant.

Lol... we are all hungry, but need to wait for the food xD

My fried rice + salted fish ^^. It does not come in that shape... i do it myself =P

After eating, we need to rush back cuz it is raining. Can see my friends with umbrellaZzz?

After lunch, of cuz its dinner. While waiting, we watch Superman Classic. Kinda boring lol, but humerous sometimes xD

At last, our dinner is BBQ! There are hotdogs, chicken wings, squids and potatoes!

This is the barbeque funnel. See the process of lighting up the charcoals above =P

While waiting, we took a pic ^^

The BBQ stuffs was mostly done by Wai Kien, Kah Hui, Huey Ching... and who else? =.=. Sorry cannot remember all xD

Everybody was busy! Actually, i am one of those who waiting to eat only, but Wai Kien call me to put in some charcoal... hahaha!

Well, the dinner was quite good, but used up a lot of time and it is not full. BUT... it was fun and this is the spirit! ^^

After the dinner, we go out to catch some bugs. We go out at around 1 am. SO LATE! Then we come back at around 3 am. The catching was quite satisfactory and we go to sleep immediately after that. =.=

The next morning... ahayo~ wake up at 6 am!!! Around 2 hours of sleep only... my eye bags become so visible =(. The cookers of breakfast, Meng Hua, Waikien and etc...

The meal was quite delicious-looking! Especially the eggs cooked by Waikien, hahaha ^^

After that, we have nothing to do... we play Mafia and Cards - dunno call what name... (pukul-pukul one =.=).

Then, we saw alot of monkeys climbing up! Dangerous... lucky we close the slide door fast.

Then, we try the I-Robot which is a device use to clean the floor by itself. Then, we almost make it spoil lol... cuz got sumthing stuck inside. Waikien and Jun Yang fix it back ^^

It can move by now! ^^

Dinner again! Today, we are planning to eat steamboat! These are the dishes, but not Jun Yang =.=

Steamboat ready! And the food are alot this time... i ate 5 rounds and become very full ^^

And our dessert, watermelon! Can see what happen up there? First time seeing people cutting watermelon as if it is cutting an apple ^^ cute...

We took some pictures again as memories! Then, we go sleep ~.~

Mihun! Meng Hua's expertise. Today breakfast is Meng Hua's fried mihun =) After the breakfast, everybody is packing their own things. Gtg... T.T
Meng Hua is cleaning the floor where we do BBQ.

Hui Wei and Waikien are cleaning the slide door. Peace, Waikien ^^

And so the robot is cleaning too. =)

But there are people who just watch only... hahaha... its Kit Yee and myself.

Then we carried out luggages and walk down the hill and stop at a place where we are suppose to wait for bus. And so... these are all the faces that are waiting for the bus.

We waited for 1 hour! I dunno if it is the bus late or we are too early =.= See all those bored faces =P

Some 'bad guys' are taking our picture when we are sleeping in the bus =D

Haha... cute sleeping faces. ^^

At last... we reached school! All are eager to go back and SLEEP~ Too tired... haha =)
So long, Frasers Hill~ T.T